Configuration with YAIM


As of UMD 4.0, and in particular on CENTOS 7 YAIM is no longer supported to configure Argus.

The ARGUS_server node type is available to configure the Argus service with YAIM.

Argus YAIM Configuration Variables

Description of all the available Argus YAIM configuration variables: Argus YAIM Configuration for EMI

Mandatory YAIM Variables

  • ARGUS_HOST Fully qualified host name (FQHN) of the Argus host
  • PAP_ADMIN_DN Certificate distinguished name (DN) of the administrator, allowed to use the pap-admin command
  • SITE_NAME BDII site name
  • USERS_CONF Absolute location of the users configuration file
  • GROUPS_CONF Absolute location of the groups configuration file
  • VOS List of supported VO names
  • VO_<vo-name>_VOMS_CA_DN VOMS CA DN for each VO name listed in VOS
  • VO_<vo-name>_VOMSES VOMS definition for each VO name listed in VOS

The USERS_CONF and GROUPS_CONF configuration files MUST be the same on the Argus host as on the client host (CREAM, WMS, gLExec, …). On successful authorization, the Argus PEP Server is configured to determine the user/group mapping (pool account) for this authorization and send it the client. Therefore, the client must be able to map the resulting user mapping received with the authorization decision.

Argus site-info.def Configuration

Your site-info.def for Argus must contain at least the following variable:

# BDII site name

# Argus service hostname

# PAP administrator DN allowed to use 'pap-admin' command
PAP_ADMIN_DN="/DC=org/DC=acme/CN=John Doe"

# Users and Groups definition for grid and group mapfile

# Supported VOs

VO_DTEAM_VOMSES="'dteam 15004 /C=GR/O=HellasGrid/ dteam' 'dteam 15004 /C=GR/O=HellasGrid/ dteam'"
VO_DTEAM_VOMS_CA_DN="'/C=GR/O=HellasGrid/OU=Certification Authorities/CN=HellasGrid CA 2006' '/C=GR/O=HellasGrid/OU=Certification Authorities/CN=HellasGrid CA 2006'"

See the documentation of all the supported Argus YAIM configuration variables: Argus YAIM Configuration for EMI.

Generate Argus Configuration

Run YAIM to generate the Argus configuration for your site:

/opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s site-info.def -n ARGUS_server

At this point, the Argus services (PAP, PDP and PEP Server) must be configured, up and running.