Argus Service Reference Card


The Policy Administration Point manages and publishes the authorization policies.
The Policy Decision Point evaluates the authorization requests.
PEP Server
The Policy Enforcement Point server processes the PEP clients requests and responses.
PEP client
Lightweight PEP client library available for Java and C. Enforces the authorization decision locally.

Service Reference Card

Functional description:
Render authorization decisions based on XACML policies: “Can user X performs action Y on resource Z ?” or “Is user X banned for any action on any resource ?”
Services running:
  • PAP: (Java application) org.glite.authz.pap.server.standalone.PAPServer
  • PDP: (Java application) org.glite.authz.pdp.server.PDPDaemon
  • PEP Server: (Java application) org.glite.authz.pep.server.PEPDaemon
Init scripts and options:
  • PAP: systemctl {start|stop|restart|status} argus-pap or service argus-pap {start|stop|restart|status}
  • PDP: systemctl {start|stop|restart|status} argus-pdp or service argus-pdp {start|stop|restart|status}
  • PEP Server: systemctl {start|stop|restart|status} argus-pepd or service argus-pepd {start|stop|restart|status}
Configuration files location with example:
Logfile locations (and management) and other useful audit information:
  • PAP:
    • Logging directory: /var/log/argus/pap
    • Logging configuration: /etc/argus/pap/logging/standalone/logback.xml
    • Example: PAP logback.xml
    • Status handler: https://HOSTNAME:8150/pap/status
  • PDP:
    • Logging directory: /var/log/argus/pdp
    • Logging configuration: /etc/argus/pdp/logging.xml
    • Example: PDP logging.xml
    • Status handler: https://HOSTNAME:8152/status
  • PEP Server:
    • Logging directory: /var/log/argus/pepd
    • Logging configuration: /etc/argus/pepd/logging.xml
    • Example: PEP logging.xml
    • Status handler: https://HOSTNAME:8154/status
Open ports:
  • PAP:
    • Service port: *:8150
    • Admin port: localhost:8151
  • PDP:
    • Service port: *:8152
    • Admin port: localhost:8153
  • PEP Server:
    • Service port: *:8154
    • Admin port: localhost:8155
Possible unit test of the service:
Nagios probes are available to monitor the services, see Nagios Probes for Argus (UMD).
Where is service state held (and can it be rebuilt):

The services (PAP, PDP, PEP Server) are stateless. However:

  • PAP: The XACML policies are stored locally in the /usr/share/argus/pap/repository directory.
  • PEP Server: The user pool account mapping leases are kept in the /etc/grid-security/gridmapdir directory.
Cron jobs:
Security information
  • Access control mechanism (authentication & authorization):
    • Authentication: SSL/TLS client authentication on the service ports
    • Authorization: PAP uses access control list
  • How to block/ban a user
  • Network Usage
  • Firewall configuration
  • Security recommendations
  • Security incompatibilities
  • List of externals (packages are NOT maintained by Red Hat)
  • Other security relevant comments
Utility scripts:
  • pap-admin CLI to manage the PAP policies
  • pdpctl {reloadPolicy|version|status} forces the PDP to reload the policies from the PAP, print version, print status
  • pepdctl {clearResponseCache|version|status} clears the PEP daemon response cache, print version, print status
Location of reference documentation for users:
Not applicable
Location of reference documentation for administrators: