Authentication Profile PIP


This PIP has been introduced in Argus 1.7.1

This PIP uses the informations extracted from the certificate by Common XACML Authorization Profile PIP and Grid Authorization Profile PIP, so it must be configured as the last PIP into the PEP server.

This PIP looks in the request subject attributes for the attribute containing subject of the CA that issued the certificate contained in the request, and the attribute containing the VO name linked to the request.

If no attribute is found holding the CA subject, the PIP returns without modifying the request. Otherwise, this PIP checks whether the included certificate subject and VOMS attributes are allowed by local authentication profile policies.

If the policies are NOT met, subject and VOMS attributes are removed from the request. If the policies are met, the x509-authn-profile attribute is set, containing the authentication profile resolved for the request.


  1. Create a new INI section for the PIP, with any valid INI section name (e.g. AUTHN_PROFILE_PIP).
  2. In this section add the parserClass property with the value org.glite.authz.pep.pip.provider.authnprofilespip.AuthenticationProfilePIPConfigurationParser.
  3. Add the authenticationProfilePolicyFile property with a value corresponding to the absolute path of the authentication profile policies file, traditionally /etc/grid-security/vo-ca-ap-file.
  4. Add the property with a value of the absolute path of the trust anchors directory, where the PIP search the policy info files, typically /etc/grid-security/certificates.
  5. Add the trustAnchors.policyFilePattern property with a value corresponding to a bash globbing expression that matches the policy info files, e.g. policy-*.info.
  6. Optionally, add the trustAnchors.refreshIntervalInSecs property with a value in seconds, that is the refresh time interval used by the PIP to reload the policy files, e.g. 14400.


The Argus 1.7.1 packages provide a default authentication profile policy file located in /etc/argus/pepd/vo-ca-ap-file. This file grants the access only to certificates issued by CAs in the IGTF classic, mics and slcs profiles.

PIP Configuration Properties

Property Description Required? Default Value
authenticationProfilePolicyFile Absolute path of authentication profile policy file Yes /etc/argus/pepd/vo-ca-ap-file Absolute path where policy info files are located No /etc/grid-security/certificates
trustAnchors.policyFilePattern Regular expression that matches the policy files to read No policy-*.info
trustAnchors.refreshIntervalInSecs Time, in seconds, with which the PIP reload the policy files No 14400

Populated Effective Request Attributes

This PIP will process the request subject x509-subject-issuer attribute and populate the following attribute:

Required Request Attributes

This PIP requires that the request environment contains the attributes extracted from the X.509 certificate/proxy by the other PIPs.

Example Configuration

The following example shows a PEP Server configuration with the Authentication Profile PIP enabled.

entityId =
hostname =


pdps =

parserClass = org.glite.authz.pep.pip.provider.authnprofilespip.AuthenticationProfilePIPConfigurationParser
authenticationProfilePolicyFile = /etc/argus/pepd/vo-ca-ap-file = /etc/grid-security/certificates
trustAnchors.policyFilePattern = policy-*.info
trustAnchors.refreshIntervalInSecs = 14400