Environment Time PIP

This PIP populates a few time-related attributes within the environment portion of the request.


Using this PIP effective disables the response caching in a PEP Server as will make every request different.


  1. Create a new INI section for you PIP (you may choose any valid INI section name. e.g. TIME_PIP)
  2. To PIP INI section add the parserClass property with the value org.glite.authz.pep.pip.provider.EnvironmentTimePIPIniConfigurationParser
  3. Add the name of the created PIP INI section to the list of PIPs in the SERVICE section

Prerequisite Request Attributes


Populate Effective Request Attributes

This PIP will populate the following attributes within the environment portion of the request.

Example Configuration

The following example shows a PEP Server configuration with the Environment Time PIP enabled:

entityId = https://example.org/pep
hostname = example.org
pips = TIME_PIP

pdps = http://localhost:8152/authz

parserClass = org.glite.authz.pep.pip.provider.EnvironmentTimePIPIniConfigurationParser