Argus EMIR Publisher Configuration (EMI-3)

You can use EMIR-SERP to publish the Argus resource information to the EMIRregistry. EMIR-SERP uses the information already available in the resource BDII and publish it to an EMIR DSR endpoint.

Local Resource BDII

Check that the local resource BDII is running and return service information:

ldapsearch -x -h localhost -p 2170 -b 'GLUE2GroupID=resource,o=glue' objectCLass=GLUE2Service

This query should return 1 entry for the Argus service. If it is not the case, something is fishy in the installation…

Install and Configure EMIR SERP

Install the EMIR SERP package:

yum install emir-serp

Edit the configuration file /etc/emi/emir-serp/emir-serp.ini and set the following:

url =
resource_bdii_url = ldap://localhost:2170/GLUE2GroupID=resource,o=glue

And start the EMIR-SERP service:

/sbin/service emir-serp start

You can verify that the information is correctly published by browsing: