GGUS User Support for Argus

Argus Support Unit FAQ

1801 What is the purpose of the Argus Support?

Provide support for site administrators on the installation, the configuration and the operation of the Argus Authorization Service.

1802 Who is responsible for Argus Support?

Argus product team (PT) members.

1803 How does a ticket arrive at Argus Support?

Currently through the existing mailing list.

1804 What does the Argus Support manager have to do?

Dispatch support request.

1805 What does the person dealing with Argus Support have to do?

  • Try to solve the problem with the user.
  • If necessary, submit a bug in savannah.
  • If relevant, update our FAQ with problem and solution.

1806 What documentation is available on Argus Support?

Extensive documentation is available at